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    • + How do I get a refund

      We can accept returns for all unopened items within 30 days of your purchase date for a full refund. Unfortunately if your items have been opened, and used, we are unable to accept the return and will not issue a refund. If you are having issues with your products and are not satisfied please email us at and we will do our best to create a more enjoyable experience with Underneath Skincare.

    • + Do you ship internationally?

      Yes! We currently ship worldwide to over 240 countries. International take more time, typically between 2-4 weeks.

    • + How do I know when my order has been processed?

      Updated site settings will allow you to receive automated emails notifying you when your order has begun processing. *Your order’s tracking number will also be included in the confirmation email Estimated Processing Time Time allotted for processing ranges from 7-10 business days which, with customer permission, can be extended if absolutely necessary. Business days are not inclusive to weekdays that fall on holidays. All processing times for products can be found on the Underneath Skin Care website at check out.

    • + Can I track my order?

      Yes! tracking options are available as soon as your order is confirmed as shipped. Once you receive a tracking number this does not mean your order is ready to ship. Once your order is through with processing you will receive a notification letting you know that your package is on its way!

    • + My order says it's been delivered but I don't see it?

      We suggest allowing up to two days after your package is marked delivered. If your package still hasn't arrived please contact USPS or your local Post Office to see exactly where your order was place.